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Notes from the Siesta Key Island Fishmonger

Summer treats of the sea

Seasons come and go with the change of weather, and the foods we eat also changes. Seafood is no exception. As Stone Crab season comes to an end until October, other edible seafood species become available. For instance, the Florida summer months are the season of the great El Dorado or better known as the Mahi-Mahi which means strong-strong. This catch will be coming mostly out of the Key West area.

Grouper is back in season and prices will drop back down to an affordable price range.  The local commercial fisherman will be fishing the Florida Keys and middle grounds for both Black and Red Grouper along with a huge variety of Snapper. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Did you know that there are over 17 different kinds of species harvested in the Snapper family and 6 different kinds of Grouper?

Pink shrimp is in! The best shrimp in the world is caught right here on the Florida Gulf Coast from Ft. Meyers to the Dry Tortugas and is available at your Siesta Key Big Water Fish Markets. It’s a bit more expensive than your imported white or brown shrimp, but our shrimp are worth the extra buck. You will know with your first bite of a Florida Pink Peel n’ Eat. Don’t forget about red and rock shrimp that are both summer shrimp.

Florida favorites and a bit of unusual fish like Hogfish, Wahoo, Cobia, Trigger Fish, Parrot Fish, Triple tail, Lionfish, Pompano, octopus and fresh calamari will all come and go all summer long depending on our fisherman’s catch. If you go to the Big Water Fish Market website and sign up for our newsletter you will receive a weekly report about the week’s inventory straight from my captains’ reports.

Florida spiny lobster season, alligator tail and Florida bay scallops will be in season over the summer and will be stocked on a regular basis at the Big Water Fish Market South as will plenty of summer Boston treats such as fresh scallops, halibut, cod, swordfish and tuna.  We will also have great imports – wild Alaskan or Irish salmon along with Chilean sea bass.

Don’t forget about live soft-shell crabs, Maine lobsters, scallops, oysters and clams. We no longer have to worry about shellfish in the summer months as food transportation has become a perfected system – overnight travel, refrigerated planes and trucks.  Inspections by the FWCC we can now count on fresh sustainable deliveries to our markets for your consumption. For example, our PEI mussels from Canada are harvested and shipped the same day. We receive our salmon and all of the Florida and Boston products on a daily basis.

Fish is hot and red meat is not these days. Let’s be heart healthy and live a long delicious life. Get in on the Siesta Key “Seafood Boom” as BWFM now has two locations on the island – the original on the south side and now a second location is open on the North side of the SK Village.

Live well…..Eat fish.

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