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Notes from the Island Fishmonger

Happy New Year & welcome to 2018!! I hope nothing but a healthy and happy year for us all!!

   As I always do in December and before the Florida doctors’ office waiting rooms turn into a social gathering, I go get a checkup from my doctor. I’m not much on waiting rooms as they raise my blood pressure but I go get my checkup as we all should. While I was there the topic of my business and the benefits of fish for high cholesterol were discussed. Apparently, you can’t eat enough fish. If you watch the news it appears that doctors are telling us all the same thing so I don’t even see a reason to advertise for Big Water Fish Market anymore…you should eat fish because everyone should listen to their doctor!

   I could talk to you about the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for hours but they only give me one page to write about it so here is the summary of what I know and some new facts I recently learned. A healthy body needs its Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly essential for your body and brain. Omega 3 lowers cholesterol, can fight depression and anxiety, it promotes brain health, improves risk factors for heart disease, fights age related mental decline, may help prevent cancer, promotes healthy joints, skin and most importantly it is great for the heart. Where do you get this fatty acid…from several sources including fish, fish oil and nuts.  Google it…it’s all true.

   According to the experts, fresh fish and concentrated fish oil should be a part of our weekly diet. It’s wise to make sure your fish oil supply comes from deep ocean waters. Fish oil should not be supplied to us from farm-raised fish but from the wild only. To ensure quality, purity, and potency make sure your fish oil pills remove PCDs, dioxins and mercury. Fish oil naturally contains the omega -3 fatty acids.

   Ideally, we all know we should get 2 to 4 servings of fish per week and often we should supplement with fish oil daily. Oily fish like Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, canned Sardines/Anchovies, Striped Bass, and Herring have the highest percentages of Omega-3 oil content followed by Cod, Halibut, Flounder, Trout, Mussels, Oysters, Swordfish and Snapper (not in any particular order). A six ounce serving 2 to 4 times a week will supply a beneficial dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. I know that’s a lot of fish to eat per week so the experts also strongly suggest that you take 2000mg of Omega-3 fish oil daily in addition to a strict fish diet in order to digest the suggested weekly dose.

   The Florida anglers know that the Flounder and Snappers both mentioned above are in prime season in January. Flounder is being caught off the beaches every morning and the Snapper are all over Sarasota Bay and in the Gulf. If you bring your catch to Big Water Fish Market they will do a “you catch and we cook” option for a small fee. Hopefully Flounder and Trout will be also available at their market/restaurant this month. Four fish we know will be available in January is Florida Amberjack, the indigenous Tripletail, Hogfish and Snapper which are all a good source of Omega-3’s. Unfortunately our local favorite fish, the Grouper, isn’t a great source of Omega-3 but it is low in calories, high in protein and loaded with vitamins (as with all wild fish) so you might want to take a fish oil pill for a supplemental dessert.

   The New Year inspires many of us to make resolutions to set new goals and improve on our lives. The way I see it, if you need a change in your life, every day is a good day to make that change. Every year (as many others do) I do set one realistic and attainable goal that will have beneficial health and financial results and always look forward to feeling the gratification of obtaining my goal.

  This year I’m sure I will stick to my plan because my New Year’s Resolution is as simple as…wait for it…to eat more fish and digest more Omega-3’s!! In addition to eating 6 oz. of fish and 2000mg of fish oil, I will also commit to 9 holes of golf, 10,000 fit bit steps and 750ml of red wine per day (750ml of red wine per day isn’t recommended for everyone). In 2018 it’s all about the numbers I guess!

  Live well…Eat Fish and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2018 for us all.

Scott Dolan
Big Water Fish Market