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Island Visitor Publishing, LLC
PO Box 35086 – Siesta Key, FL 34242

Island Visitor Publishing, LLC, specializes in niche publications. Publisher owned and managed large operations and has over 30 years of experience in the newspaper/magazine business. If you have any newsworthy articles,  photos, etc. that you’d like to share with our readers, please email the information to us.  

If you are interested in advertising in our publications, please contact us via phone: 941-349-0194 or email:, or snail mail at above address. 

 Below are the papers we publish.

Siesta Sand is a monthly paper mailed to the residential routes on the island and covers the coastline on the mainland from Siesta Key’s North Bridge south to Bispham Road.  It is racked in more than 200 condos and businesses on and around the island. It targets both residents and visitors to the island. This publication was introduced in January 2012, and complements Siesta Key’s Island Visitor by providing more stories and articles of interest to both visitors and locals. Our goal is to provide something of interest for first time visitors, snowbirds, and locals alike. 

Siesta Key’s Island Visitor(SKIV) publication targets tourists and visitors to the island. This paper includes maps of the island, t  tthe Village businesses and Crescent Beach shops nesting inside our Siesta Sand publication. SKIV is our flagship paper and has been Siesta Key’s #1 tourist publication since 1989, having the support of more island businesses than any other publication around.

The Landing’s Eagle is a monthly paper covering news in this desirable gated community located between the bridges of Siesta Key. It is mailed to residents in the Landings, Phillippi Landing and part of Oyster Bay. The publication has been serving The Landings for over 25 years. You can view this publication at or  discover the beautiful gated community that is located on the mainland, between the bridges of Siesta Key​

 Del Tura ~ TheTower  is a monthly publication for this highly-sought, affordably priced gated community located in North Fort Myers.  This is a dynamic senior community that takes pride in and actively participates in contributing community news and content each month. This publication has been serving Del Tura for over 25 years. View this publication at:

Tara Wood – The Columns  is a monthly publication for the Tara Woods community located approximately 1/2 mile northeast of Del Tura in North Fort Myers.  It is also a gated premier age-qualified community that offers affordable, resort-style living.  Distribution to HOA members is just shy of 600 papers.

Map Box photo

Siesta Village Map Boxes – 6 map boxes strategically placed throughout Siesta Key Village listing everybusiness located in the village.  We maintain the maps by updating the business index every four (4) months and offer advertising space for area businesses which provides great visibility and a valuable resouce for visitors.