Siesta Key Bartender of the Month

Wishing all the ladies a Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Cottage
153 Avenida Messina, in the Village

Name of Bartender:  Rudolf (Rudy) Ondrejkovic

Hometown:  Kosice, Slovakia

Q: What’s your bartending experience and how long have you worked at The Cottage?

I’ve been in the restaurant business since high school and have gone through every position available. I’ve been bartending for the last 10 years.  I joined the Cottage a year ago from the Ritz-Carlton.  

Q: What is the strangest or funniest experience you witnessed or were a party to at work?

Oh, well, with my lovely, cute and sometimes sexy accent, there is always fun around me.  Beach turns into “bitch”, burger into “bugger”, etc.  Stop by to see me and find out for yourself. 

Q: Any hobbies, goals, etc. you enjoy when not working?

I enjoy taking care of my family and anything that my daughter wants to do.  I also like watching some football and hockey, if allowed…lol.

Q: How would you describe yourself?  

Hm…hm…hmmmmm…why don’t you stop by and be my judge. 

Q: What makes The Cottage a special place to visit?

Outstanding food and drinks, and f course, awesome service and unique environment with nightly, live music in our lively back patio.

Q: What specialty drink is The Cottage noted for?

There are too many to mention, but a favorite of the ladies would be “Adam & Eve” made with German fig vodka, a splash of fresh lime juice and topped with prosecco and a basil leaf.  For the guys, their favorite may as well be, “The Perfect Getaway” made with Jameson, a touch of chocolate bitters and in-house made cinnamon, orange blossom honey syrup and topped with an awesome Amarena cherry.  And, everyone’s favorite is “Jalapeno Watermelon Margarita” made with fresh watermelon puree, jalapeno infused agave, and fresh lime juice that makes it so yummy!

Q: When is the best time for locals and visitors to enjoy your company at The Cottage?

Monday / Tuesday – all day

Friday/Saturday – Dinner (after 5 p.m.)