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Sheriff’s Report March 23 – April 19, 2016

sheriff's report siesta key

There were a total of 47 crimes reported on Siesta Key from 3/23 – 4/19/16

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3/24/16 Theft
Public Beach

A man visiting the beach with his family had his backpack stolen when he left it near the green lifeguard stand. The bag contained 2 cell phones, $80 cash, 2 credit cards and his driver’s license. It was unattended for about 45 minutes. There were no witnesses.

3/27/16 Burglary Residence 
100 Block Columbus Blvd.

Officers responded to a report of a residential burglary. When they arrived on the scene, multiple juveniles were fleeing the home, stating that a particular juvenile had invited them to the party. The complainant, whose father owns the house, stated that this is a recurring issue and that his nephew, the juvenile throwing the party, did not have permission to be in the home. A second juvenile, the cousin of the first, had also fled the scene. When the grandfather, the owner of the home, arrived at the home, he indicated he would like to press charges against his two grandsons in the hopes that it would finally change their behavior. Another man, listed as the father of the party thrower, arrived; he agreed that charges should be pressed against the two juveniles. There was no sign of forced entry, but entry could have been made through the door that had been broken from previous parties at the residence.

3/27/16 Battery
Public Beach

While monitoring a large spring break party on the beach, Deputies were approached by two young men. The men claimed they were struck in the head during a disturbance. They said they were not involved and that the strikes were unprovoked. The men were seen by EMS and refused treatment. One man was struck in the back of the head. The other was struck above the eye and sustained a laceration. The suspect was described as a white male. No witnesses to the crime were located.

4/2/16 Grand Theft
1200 Block N. Portofino Dr.

A man reported his Specialized Red Hopper Mountain Bike was stolen sometime between 9 a.m. on 4/2/16 and 11a.m. on 4/3/16. The man stated his bike, valued at $1000, was locked to a bike rack during the timeframe. It was unknown at the time of the report how the suspects were able to unlock the bicycle.

4/6/16 Strong Arm Robbery
6500 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A 15-year-old young man was out late with friends prior to being separated from them. As he walked back to his hotel, he approached a group of subjects. He initiated a conversation with the group when the defendant, an 18 year old male, requested that he use his flashlight to help him locate a lost cigarette lighter on the beach. The 15 year old agreed to help with the search. As he bent over the sand to look, he was “sucker punched” in the side of the face by the defendant, who then took his backpack and left with the group of subjects. Two females observed the victim in distress and ran to obtain the stolen backpack but were unsuccessful.  Video footage obtained during the investigation showed the defendant going through the stolen backpack. The two females were seen running behind the suspect in their attempt to help. As the victim was a minor and vacationing on the island, he was under the care and custody of his godfather. The godfather, after viewing the video footage, was able to track down the suspect on the beach and confront him. The suspect’s friend’s father learned of the incident and advised that the suspect wished to apologize for the incident. He came to the victim’s hotel room and confessed to taking the backpack and striking him. He was detained and arrested.

4/7/16 Robbery
5900 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A 15-year-old vacationer was robbed and battered outside of 5900 Midnight Pass Rd. The boy went to Siesta to meet up with some friends. At around 2:30 in the morning, while he was on the phone, 5-7 subjects approached him and one asked where he was from. According to the victim, at that time one subject punched him in the face causing him to fall down. While he was on the ground, the other subjects began to kick and punch him. At some point, he was able to get up and run away. The victim left his phone at the scene of the incident. He explained that AT&T advised the iPhone 6 was used after the incident, which indicates that the subjects potentially took the victim’s phone. The subjects were described as seven white males approximately 16-18 years old. The victim had no visible injuries. EMS examined him and advised he may have a concussion, but it was not confirmed.

4/8/16 Robbery
700 Block Beach Rd.

An employee of Sunride Pedi Cab was transporting two female clients southbound on Beach Rd. when he observed an unknown black 4-door vehicle. Two black males from the backseat area rolled down their windows and began to yell obscenities at his female passengers. The driver told the men to stop harassing his clients. The black car then stopped as soon as they pulled into the public lot and the two suspects jumped out of the car and continued to harass the passengers and the driver. The females then took off running and were not able to be located later. The driver stated that one of the suspects then pulled out a knife and demanded cash from the victim. The second suspect stood about 20 feet away while the victim took out his cell phone and threatened to call the cops. The suspects then took off running while the black car also fled in the same direction. The victim got on his bike and pedaled away as fast as he could. He stated he could positively identify the suspects and would press charges if they could be located. A canvas of the area yielded negative results.

4/10/16 Disorderly Conduct
5100 Block Ocean Blvd.

A Lakeland man was arrested in a Village bar after he punched a bouncer in the face and hit a second bouncer in the head with a beer bottle, causing a laceration. The bouncers were attempting to escort the man out of the bar after he was seen attempting to grope a group of females that were inside the bar. Security footage showed the man repeatedly attempting to touch the girls without their permission and the girls attempting to shove the man away. The bouncers fought with the defendant all the way to the exit of the bar. Once outside the defendant continued to fight with the bouncers, who held the suspect to the ground until Deputies arrived. The females seen in the video were gone upon their arrival.