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In Search Of Paradise…

We always wondered what it would be like living on a tropical island.

We imagined going to work in shorts and a casual shirt everyday would be like a non-stop vacation.

What we found was that the simplistic wonder of waking up to balmy breezes everyday and having the warmth of the sun kissing our backs as we walk or bike to work is something that must be experienced. Coming from Wisconsin (Yup, certified Cheese-Heads) we don't think we will ever take these near perfect conditions for granted. And Yes, wearing shorts and a casual shirt everyday really is just like a non-stop vacation for us.

Are there any bad days in paradise? There surely are, but for us we've stopped searching for that perfect place because we've found ours right here on Siesta Key. It's so close to the Arts and fine dining. And, there are plenty of places to shop both on and around the island. The casual and friendly attitudes of the islanders make us feel like we've come home.

If you've been thinking about buying a paradise getaway, now is the time for some great deals. Talk to any one of our many real estate agents and see for yourself. You, too, can find that your paradise is within reach.

Here's to finding yours…

Bob & Emy Stein   

Owners of the Island Visitor / Siesta Sand