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| April 1, 2017

With temperatures dropping around the country… Spring Break 2017 meant everyone heading south to enjoy the warm weather at Siesta Key Beach! 
Photos by Sarasota Photography/ Jaye Clements 

Mara, Miranda, Kenady, Brynn, Sydney, Leah, Emma, Bradon from IA.<br />

Amy, Hailey, Megan, Molly, Kristen from OH

Maila, Aleah from Sarasota

Marianne, Alexis, Cassandra from MA.

Pennie age 2, Mya age 12, Natalie, Lucie age 3, Conor from Tampa

Mallory, Maddison, Peter from TX.

Caya age 10, Keeley age 6, Candy, Andrew from Canada

Kara, Stephanie from OH

Honor age 14 mo., Tia, Kyle from Ft. Myers

Kimberly, Tony, Tony, Sylvan age 4, Orion age 9, Rowan age 7, Rhonda from PA.

Hanna, Kelsey, Lauryn, Jenny, Colleen from TX.

Courtney, Molly from IN.

Amiee, Paige age 8, Peyton age 4, from Sarasota

Katie, Marissa from PA.

Amy, Hailey, Megan, Molly, Kristen from OH

Avery, Isabelle, Olivia, Rebecca, Mariah, Anna, Gabie, Zoe, Gracie, Christina, Anna from Sarasota



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