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Photo Gallery

Photos by Sarasota Photography / Jaye Clements ~
With temperatures dipping across the states, this month’s visitors are grateful to be in Sarasota, where it’s summer all year long!  Siesta Key Beach is a favorite amongst vacationers & locals too!

Petra, Koarlo, Lines, Elsi, Mirsa from Finland

Don from Canada

Stacy from OH, Judy from Tampa, Chris from MD

Celest, Brad, Aaron age 14, Elizabeth age 12, Jacob age 16

Casey from MI – married on Siesta Key Beach! Beach wedding!

Cassidy, Kim from MA.

Lisa from Ontario

Lauren Trevor from CO

Megan, Joshua from MN

Lisa, Ava age 11 from Canada

Paula, Felipe from Brazil

Sheila, Chandler, Michaela from MN

– Dave & Sandy from OH.