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Who’s Playing Tonight?

By Mike Sales Shawn Bowen, is a familiar attendee of Siesta Key’s Sunday night drum circle. I met him at his workspace retreat, conceived by one of the original Selby Garden landscapers and hidden at the end of a canopy Read More

Soulful Advice from Donnarose

Donnarose Melvin is a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, whose pleasure is to assist clients worldwide. She incorporates knowledge from her degree in psychology, along with her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic gifts to guide her clients towards peace Read More

Selby Gardens Opening Anniversary

Selby Gardens opening anniversary July 7 By Paul Roat It seems somehow ironic that the iconic Selby name today is renown in Sarasota history, yet historically Bill and Marie Selby were virtually unknown during their 60-plus years in the city. Read More

Island Chatter

Catherine Luckner President Siesta Key Association www.siestakeyassociation.com     For many of us, the most festive part of summer begins with our Fourth of July Independence Day celebration. Relaxed beach time with family and friends, picnics and music all wrapped Read More

Up & Down the Trail

Sarasota news

by Stan Zimmerman Plug pulled on downtown lights An $80,000 fiasco came to an end in June when the Downtown Improvement District voted to shut down its multi-colored lights in Five Points Park. They were entwined around the branches of Read More