Siesta Key Round Up

Compiled by Debbie Flessner / Bob Stein   Squatters in Siesta Key foreclosed homes Showing quite a bit of ingenuity, some folks have been researching which homes on Siesta Key and countywide are in various stages of foreclosure. Once they discover Read More

Off Key

By Bob Frederickson  From Seeking Shelter in Sarasota to Scaring the Wildlife on Passage Key Requiem for a Homeless Shelter? Support evaporated on the city commission last month for consultant Robert Marbut’s recommendation that a come-as-you-are shelter be built near Read More

Off Islands

By Rodger Skidmore  Thousands of Books burned on Longboat Key In late August Longboat Key hosted a book burning. High party officials had “strongly suggested” that residents bring books and other papers that were deemed “offensive”, to the square in Read More