Siesta Key Sustains Minimal Damage From Hurricane Irma

Whether you want to believe an American Indian blessing keeps Siesta Key safe or perhaps its location shelters this
special barrier island from a direct hit; one thing was certain, a collective sigh of relief could be felt when residents
returned home to find minimal damage to property.    

Although some residents and businesses lost power for about a week and several large downed trees had to be
cleared, most agree: The Key fared much better than expected.  Following are some photos of the damage hurricane
Irma left in her wake.  

The winds of Irma pushed the water back into the Gulf, Sunday September 10, 2017. Point of Rocks Siesta Key. Photo by Todd Nahrwold, Key Solutions Real Estate






A large Australian Pine being held up ready to drop on Midnight Pass Road near Hidden Harbor

Blown out fences are spotted down Midnight Pass Road

Blown out fences on Beach Road near Beach Access 4

Downed palm on Avenida Veneccia

Downed tree on Midnight Pass near Shadow Lawn

Carport at Siesta Towers. Photo by Lourdes Ramirez

Low hanging wires on Columbus Blvd

Note how far the water was the day after the storm. Photo by Lourdes Ramirez

Palm trees at Siesta Beach parking lot. Photo by Lourdez Ramirez

Photo by Lourdes Ramirez

The stop sign at Tresure Boat Way and Primrose Path. Photo by Lourdes Ramirez

Tree near Siesta Beach concession stand. Siesta Key sign survived the storm. Photo by Lourdes Ramirez

The historic Honore Palmer Cottage becomes the backdrop for this dramatic photo of Point of Rocks, Siesta Key. Photo by Todd Nahrwold, Licensed Realtor, Key Solutions Real Estate