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| September 1, 2017

Q: Dear Donnarose, I recently started doing energy work. And I noticed I feel a little tense when some of my clients show resistance to healing. How can I get to the point where I let go of the outcome? ~Blessings, K.M.

A: “Make peace within yourself regarding whatever feels unlike love, and chances are you'll leave the outcomes to the Angels above.” ~Donnarose Melvin

Most of us who are in this line of work want to see our clients be able to heal and soar to new heights. As you know, some do take off pretty fast after a session. Then there are those clients who need more time, yet your sessions may at least get some of them to the starting line. For some, that's huge. Now even though you may know your client is very capable of soaring, your client may not know or feel that way, yet. Also keep in mind, if you put a mental time-frame as to when you feel your client should respond 100%, it may not match what's on their soul's contract. Meaning, it may take your client two, three or however more sessions with you to take bigger steps forward. For some, that can be considered what I call “perfection in imperfection”, as it may just be what they needed to learn to persevere, have faith and not give up. Again, this may be totally in alignment with your client's soul agreement. So try to support your clients with patience and love at the pace they're progressing. They'll feel that energy coming from you, and will continue to trust you to guide them towards their goals.

In addition to considering the above, try to assess the real reason your body feels tense when your sessions don't turn out as you expected. I do have clients who are healers, intuitives, etc., who have similar concerns. And, like for them, what may help you, is to ask Spirit to help you make peace with any feelings of let down from others or yourself, as well as unworthiness, resentment, impatience, fear, and any other feelings unlike love that you may be carrying from this or any lifetime. This can actually help you release the tension and attachment to the outcomes of your sessions. And instead, you'll find yourself trusting the process, knowing that the results that unfold are being orchestrated in perfect Divine order. ~

Q: Dear Donnarose, I'm soon to start doing Facebook Live videos. But being a sensitive and an empathic soul, I'm concerned about how to handle the inevitable negative comments. I've seen the most popular kind-hearted people get scorned upon. Any input would be appreciated. ~Thank you, K.T.

A: “When we maintain at a higher vibration, it's easier to handle people's negative intentions.” ~Donnarose Melvin

It's a wonderful thing to be an empath and a sensitive, as these gifts can really help you stay connected to the Higher version of yourself, and receive Divine guidance with more ease. The thing is, as an empath, we can absorb negative energy from the atmosphere, and anyone physically around us, and yes, people's negative written comments. So it's important to keep your energy and space clean and protected daily no matter where you are.

A nice way to do this is to say, “Thank you Archangel Michael for clearing my body and space, for cutting all energetic cords unlike love, for protecting me and keeping me safe, please and thank you.” This, along with practicing meditation, deep breathing, reinforcing positive affirmations, as well as forgiveness towards others and especially yourself, will help you to maintain at a higher vibration. And as a result, you'll more often refrain from even acknowledging the negative comments. Or your responses will come from a much Higher perspective. But keep in mind, depending on where people are vibrationally will determine how receptive they'll be to your attempted helpful response. Therefore, it's suggested to refrain from commenting back. And instead, direct your high vibrating energy towards them, which is what they would most likely need at that time.

To conclude, if your intentions you have with your live videos are pure, and you keep your energy clean and vibration high, you'll start to notice the angry comments being replaced with more love and gratitude from those you are helping. ~

dear donnarose

Donnarose Melvin is a Professional Ancestral Energy Clearing Intuitive. Her knowledge from her advanced practitioner trainings in Ancestral Energy Clearing, and her BA degree in Psychology, along with her natural born intuitive gifts, have helped many achieve increased peace and happiness. 

Please send your questions to: or Facebook private msg her at Donnarose. She will select questions each month to share with you. Donnarose regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. ~If you’d like a powerful distant ancestral energy clearing, please contact Donnarose at the email address above. 


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