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SMITH BEACH WEDDING smith beach wedding 3
ByTrebor Britt

Missy Weatherspoon and Jeff Smith of Cleveland, Ohio were joined together in marriage on alluring  Siesta Beach recently. They were surrounded by close family and friends during a wonderfully intimate ceremony along the dazzling shores of the Gulf of Mexico.
smith beach wedding 2
This amazing couple met in a most unusual way. The father of Missy's daughter works in the same line of business as Jeff and decided they had so much in common he introduced them. The rest, as they say, is history.

Missy and Jeff vividly remember their first kiss. Missy said, "We had been on our 1st date and no kiss. I invited him to play on my sand volleyball team a few times and no kiss. After one game, I just asked 'are you going to kiss me or what??'". Jeff distinctly remembered it as a wet kiss . . . it was in the rain.
Family is extremely important to Missy. After being blown away by the size ofsmith beach wedding 1 Jeff's family and how incredibly welcoming they were she began to realize that he was the one. 
Permanently imprinted on Missy's heart and mind is the genuine, deep caring Jeff demonstrated when meeting her aunt suffering with cancer. She remembers her aunt pulling her aside to tell her, he was a keeper and had her blessing to marry him. Not long after that, Jeff proposed.

Missy works in the accounting department of a well-known furniture store and Jeff is a sales and account manager for another company. 
Although they plan on having a more intimate honeymoon sometime in the future, they spent the week after the wedding on Siesta Key with family and friends.
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