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Beach Weddings

Marisa & Juan muratti wedding 3

story and photos by Trebor Britt

A gentle Gulf breeze and small waves breaking over the shoreline rocks at Sunset Beach on Siesta Key created the perfect setting for a wedding. Marisa Lenz and Juan Muratti 3rd of West Palm Beach took full advantage and were wedded at a brief but intimate ceremony surrounded by close family and friends.
Though they knew of one another in their South Jersey high school, it would not be until they reconnected through family 25 years later that their love would blossom.
Although they dated for more than a year, it didn’t take Muratti wedding 2long for them to know they would spend the rest of their lives together. Juan said, “I knew she was “the one” the first time I made her laugh and she knew I was “the one” after the first time we kissed. She said she has never been kissed like that before.”
Juan recalled one day at dinner they just stared at each other as if they had something important to say. He related, “I just let it out and told her I loved her. Tears began to run down her cheeks and after she caught her breath she told me she loved me too. Then tears began to run down my cheeks.”
Their sweetest dating memories are a little muratti wedding 4different. Marisa remembers vividly a motorcycle adventure they shared and Juan can’t forget how he felt the first time he went to work after spending an extended amount of time with her. He missed Marisa and loved her so much he ached.
They decided to get married on Siesta Key because it was the location of their first date and thought it was amazing. After a spectacular honeymoon at the Wyndham Grand Resort in Puerto Rico they returned to begin their new life together in West Palm Beach.
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