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Siesta Key Beach Weddings

Wipfler Wedding
By Trebor Britt

Corina Vinzens of eastern Switzerland and Juerg Wipfler of Zurich exchanged vows surrounded by family and close friends, at an intimate wedding ceremony held on beautiful Siesta Beach recently.

Corina, who works as an auditor for several banks as well as many otherDSCN7638 companies and Juerg, who is a Shift-commander for the Zurich Police Department, met at a friend’s wedding. The wedding couple told Juerg about Corina, but Corina knew nothing about Juerg. Getting together at their friend’s wedding proved to be a little challenging. Juerg related, “we sat on the opposite ends of a table, and it took us till 11pm until we spoke to each other for the first time. After a few chats, I went home at 3am and when I arrived Corina had already sent me a friend request on Facebook.”

DSCN7653Juerg knew Corina was “the one” after he saw that she loved his two children as if they were her own, she loved his K-9 police dog and fully accepted the demands of his police work. For Corina it came after realizing they share two rare but valuable traits. “We can talk about anything and everything, and many times understand each other without speaking a word.”

This fabulous Swiss couple was destined to get married near theDSCN7668 water. During a visit to Theater of the Sea in Islamorada, they decided to participate in the “swim with the dolphins program”. Corina was given the special task of throwing a little box into the sea and was told the dolphin would bring it back to her. After taking it from the dolphin’s mouth, she was asked to open it. The box contained a note that read, “Will you marry me?” Juerg got on his knees behind her and asked her to be his wife.DSCN7692

They are still trying to decide whether to spend their honeymoon in Canada or California.
Sun Weddings of Venice, Florida (SunWedding1@aol.com) provided everything in Corina and Juerg’s beach wedding package.