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Be a Beach Buddy

Please be a good beach buddy by collecting soda cans, plastic bottles, food wrappers, discarded suntan lotion tubes, cigarette butts and plastic bags and disposing of the trash in the receptacles located by each beach access. The plastic bags cause harm and injury to sea gulls, ocean birds, water life and nesting sea turtles. Sea turtles perceive floating plastic bags and empty plastic bottles as jelly fish, one of their dietary staples.  They will ingest the bags, choke and eventually die. 

Keep in mind that glass containers are not allowed on the beaches.  Be sure to use only the grills provided and for the safety of others, please do not dispose of hot coals around picnic areas.

Following these safety tips allows everyone to enjoy our beaches and helps keep our wildlife safe. It is possible to co-exist with the wildlife inhabiting the sand and waters of Siesta Key.  Please help do your part in making it happen.