Month: December 2013

Midnight Pass: lessons learned after 30 years

By Paul Roat Sarasotans have had a long-term love affair of damaging nature. We’ve scraped, scoured, cleared, filled, circumvented, and paved Mother Nature to the point that she can barely pick herself off the ground without help — and while Read More

The Creative World of Kenny DeCamp

By Diana Colson The creative life of Kenney DeCamp is one that is truly unique. In the 1970’s while working as an orthopedic Physician’s Assistant (PA) at Patterson Army Hospital in New Jersey, Kenney met Bruce Springsteen. He soon became Read More

Sand struggle looms eternal

Commentary by Stan Zimmerman A fifty-year plan to use sand dredged from the ebb tide shoal of Big Pass may turn into a half-century battle over climate change, sea-level rise and the fiscal sanity of beach renourishment. The City of Read More

Flood Insurance Reform Act’s Shock Therapy

Flood Insurance Reform Act’s Shock Therapy: A Cure Worse than the Underlying Disorder? By Robert Frederickson Harvey Vengroff is moving to Belize. As a successful businessman and investor he can afford to live just about anywhere. His companies, including Vengroff Read More

Who’s Playing Tonight?

An interview with Kara Nally by Mike Sales The first time I heard Kara Nally, was at SKOB. She was guest hosting the open mic, with Sandi Grecco, singing a little, introducing the various participants and making the rounds to Read More

Midnight Pass still provokes debate after 30 years

By Paul Roat Even though it’s been 30 years since Midnight Pass closed, the conversation is still going on strong. Midnight Pass, an inlet separating southern Siesta Key to Casey Key, was what coastal engineers called a migrating inlet. The Read More

Beach Reads

~~“Who Asked You?” by Terry McMillan c.2013, Viking    $27.95 / $29.50 Canada   383 pages Book review by The Bookworm Sez, Terri Schlichenmeyer You can’t fix everything. That’s a hard lesson to learn, no matter who you are. You can’t swoop in Read More